Thionville Services


Inspection of Cleanliness:
Our Surveyors are ready to inspect vessel’s tanks and holds, barges railcars, trucks, pipelines,
storage facilities and even conveyor belts.

Supervision of Loading and Unloading:
Rapidity and proper handling are major concerns and are supervised by highly skilled staff of inspectors.
Thionville is a recognized NIOP surveyor, as well as a FOSFA international Full Member Superintendent.

Weight Determination:
Thionville weighers check the accuracy of weighing apparatus and supervise weighing operations.

Proper Sampling is an art dependent on the proficiency of the experienced sampler.
Our current staff averages over 15 years of experience per surveyor.

Quality Inspection:
Speed and dependability characterize the quality inspection operations at Thionville. On-site inspection, backed by
careful laboratory procedures, performed by referee chemists, guarantee our clients excellent contractual performance.

Freight Forwarding and Storage:
Thionville is always looking to make the shipping process simpler and easier for our clients. Because of this Thionville has
come to offer a wide range of services that include freight forwarding. Contact a Thionville representative for details about
this expanding assistance.